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New to CNC or just want to learn more.
CAD2Gcode Apps is now offering all our DXF to G-code conversion programs in one package for your Lathe, Mill, and  Drill, at an affordable price.
Using  CAD to Draw in Polyline or converting the drawing to Polylines. 
To Draw use AutoCad, Turbocad, CMS IntelliCad or the Free Version of DraftSight.
Saving as 2D AutoCad format R12(.dxf file).
CAD2GCode conversion programs to convert to G-code in Inch or Metric, for Mach3 and LinuxCNC Machine Controller.
Programs are stand alone Windows Based.
Tested on Windows  XP, Vista, 7 and 8
We give full support to get you started.
CAD Help Too!


For Help click on youTube to see New and Older Videos .
CAD2Lathe Ops is an older video.

CAD2Lathe is now combined with LatheOps.
Lathe Ops has Machining in Sequence for Complete G-code File, that can be purchased alone.


Free DXF's here:

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