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These are our most popular Apps
All Apps run on Windows XP thru 10
For Win 7 and 10 Run As Administrator if you have an error.
Compatible with Mach3 and Linuxcnc
After payment is received, the unlock code will be Emailed
within 24 hrs.

Shapes Plus Menu
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Download Date 6/11/17

Click here to Download Shapes Plus Zip file

click here to download file

Shapes Plus Video

Link to Download Free Options!

Shapes Plus creates AutoCAD R12 DXF File to be used in these Popular CAM programs, Estlcam, Cut2D, or Cambam.
Buy now for this Low Cost Price of $24.95



Download Date 6/11/17

Click here to Download CAD2Lathe Zip file

CAD2Lathe YouTube Video!

CAD2Lathe converts a DXF to Lathe G-Code.
For $29.95 USD


Basic Lathe Ops Direct to G-code

Download Date 6/11/17

Click here to Download Lathe Ops Zip file

Basic Lathe Operations to Lathe G-Code for $19.95 USD


4th Axis CNC Indexer

Download Date 6/11/17

click here to Download CNC Indexer Zip file

Creates G-code for 4th Axis for $24.95 USD


Make me an offer for all of above Programs Special Package!

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